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What is AltHealth?

AltHealth is an online community for the alternative health and wellness space. Our vision is to be a safe, trusted environment for people to build community, to find much needed support as well as trusted solutions to their problems. Whether you are someone with a chronic condition or someone simply looking for healthy living inspiration, AltHealth has something for you.

AltHealth is also a place where people can “do good, while doing well”. “Doing good” refers to the ability to help other people by providing support, sharing information and solutions. “Doing well” means doing well healthwise and financially since AltHealth’s business model provides significant financial incentives to our community.

AltHealth offers:


Read, contribute and share valuable information with the AltHealth community.


Meet and communicate with the members of our community to find support and solutions for the health and wellness issues that you face.


AltHealth’s curated Marketplace offers thousands of products and services across a wide range of health and wellness issues.


Become a Coseller and earn substantial commissions (~30%) by sharing content from AltHealth to your social media channels.


Health and wellness topics such as fitness, diabetes or Lyme Disease, have a dedicated Channel with thoughtfully curated content as well as products and services relevant to that Channel.


Our “multi touch attribution” software allows us to split substantial commissions (~30%) among multiple “Cosellers” (Cosellers are all members of AltHealth who want to share content to earn money, including influencers). As a result, our community becomes a “decentralized sales force”. Our members can make money by doing what comes naturally to them – sharing content from AltHealth to their social media channels. When someone clicks on their content and comes to AltHealth and buys something (anything) from our Marketplace, the Coseller will be entitled to all or part of the commision being offered.

Origin Story

AltHealth was founded by our family, affectionately known as (aka) Team Dennis. For the past 18 months, we’ve been working diligently on this health and wellness passion project.

The idea for AltHealth was born out of a decade of searching for health solutions for our son. As there was no help from mainstream medicine, we were forced to look elsewhere for answers. We scoured the internet and joined hundreds of social media groups to find solutions. My wife wrote a bestselling book, Lyme Madness, to share all that we had learned.

In time, our family realized that Lyme along with other chronic illness sufferers needed a safe place to find information, support, and solutions for their health and wellness challenges. We wanted to create an online community that was safe, supportive, economical and self-sustaining and we came across ShopType – a software that can turn any community, such as AltHealth, into a decentralized sales force. By offering substantial commissions to members of the community for their actual contributions, we can build a self-sustaining community where the majority of the money goes to the community, rather than BigTech or BigPharma.

Our vision for AltHealth is to build a community of like-minded people who want to “Do Good, while Doing Well”. This includes finding solutions to what ails you, helping others do the same, and earning money for contributing to the health and wellbeing of others. AltHealth is free to use and includes tools that can turn anyone into a health and wellness entrepreneur.

We invite you to join us in building a safe place for people to come together to improve our collective health and wellbeing. Together, let’s “Do Good, while Doing Well”.

If you have any questions or want to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].