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3 Ways to Manage Entrepreneur Burn Out

0 2 years ago

Many entrepreneurs feel burnout, it’s almost inevitable. In recognition of National Stress Awareness Day, we asked the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to share insight on recognizing burnout. The idea of constantly being on the “grustle” (grind and hustle) has also glorified the idea of overextending yourself as an entrepreneur. Burn out is a very real thing, and if not properly checked, it can lead to stress manifesting in your physical health in a variety of ways such as a weakened immune system, insomnia or hypersomnia, and increased cholesterol.

How do you know you’re burnt out?

While stress can manifest in your body in different ways, there are three critical signs of burnout.


We’re not talking about the kind of tiredness you feel after a long day out, we’re talking about the kind of continuous, long-term tiredness you feel after working more than your body has the capacity for. Everyone has a limit to the level of mental energy to spend every day but when you find that you’re often over-extending yourself consistently with no break, that’s exhaustion.


Remember that excitement and thrill you got when you first started your business? Maybe that’s waned, and with good reason too. Feeling indifferent or having a distant attitude to your work can be another sign of burn out. Perhaps deep down, you live and breathe entrepreneurship, but for some reason, you’re finding it incredibly difficult to work on tasks that you would otherwise happily complete in a jiffy. This is another sign of burn out that your body is trying to tell you.

Low self-esteem

Failure and mistakes are ingrained in the entrepreneurial journey, it’s what makes the journey just that more rewarding at the end. However, sometimes life can throw you more lemons than you’d like, and while you’re working hard to make lemonade, you’re also finding yourself doubting your abilities. Having low self-esteem toward your work and having feelings of insufficiency (or perhaps known colloquially as imposter syndrome) are both signs that you’re burnt out.


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