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Burnout? Here’s How to Break Out of the Slump

0 2 years ago

To run a self-storage operation effectively, the facility manager must juggle many tasks and responsibilities. Though some duties may seem small, they can pile up and wear down even the best employees. It’s important to recognize when you’re in danger of burning out and what you can do to overcome it.

Self-awareness is key when considering the internal and external factors that can cause job burnout. We all love the “honeymoon” stage of a new position when everything is going great, people are friendly and getting along, and you’re energized to get everything done. As time passes, though, things change. Perhaps greater expectations are placed on you, or your schedule becomes more demanding. Tasks can become less satisfying to complete, or you may develop a sense of dread about going to work.

It’s important to be honest with yourself and not try to simply “deal with it.” Just like your stomach tells you when you’re hungry, your mind will give you signs that something needs to change for you to be at your best.

Mental health is something we should all take seriously. We owe it to ourselves—especially if we love our profession—to realize when we need a break, or something needs to improve. Too many people believe that if they just keep going, they’re proving their worth; but there’s no reason anyone should ever compromise their well-being for a place of employment. It’s perfectly normal to be stressed out at times, but it isn’t normal to suffer.

Let’s look at some common symptoms that may signal that you are feeling overly fatigued in the self-storage workplace and some strategies for shaking your way out of the slump.


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