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Burnout syndrome among bank employees

0 2 years ago

Although prevalence of burnout is well documented in different fields, little is known about this syndrome in the context of banking work.

Banking sector is one of the sectors in which most intense stress, interpersonal relationships, and workload are experienced. Indeed, Banking is a business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned by other individuals and entities, and then lending out this money in order to earn a profit. Each domain of work in banking involves contact with the public in some manner and also associated with financial responsibilities. These activities may directly or indirectly contribute to burnout syndrome among the bank employees.

Statista (2014) reported that the prevalence of burnout experienced by bankers was found to range from 19% to 54%. Job burnout may be the outcome of a combination of individual risk factors and organizational stressors. More specifically, it is considered a negative side effect of the interaction between the individual and his work environment.

So, it is necessary to consider the change in the structure of banking activity, which since the 1990s has ceased to be based on bureaucratic tasks and has started requiring that workers meet commercial, profitability, and new customer goals, thus creating increasing anxiety and competitiveness among peers.

If such changes are not placed in a timely fashion, it will lead ultimately to a massive drop in production, cause, at the end, banking sector is build up over the shoulders of people dedicating their lifes to it.

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