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Eldercare Burnout: The Help You Need Is for Yourself

0 2 years ago

“I wish my mother would die.”

These words are spoken by many adult children, and it’s not because their parent was abusive to them growing up. It is often uttered through tears by those who serve lovingly as caregivers and can’t stand watching their aged mom or dad suffer physically, emotionally, or mentally, or conversely just sit listlessly, existing not living.

The lucky among us, such as the late Betty White, who recently passed away of natural causes just shy of her 100th birthday, age gracefully. In the last 20 years, White was making movies and TV shows, even hosting SNL at age 88. So full of life was she that her agent was quoted as saying he thought she’d live forever. The same can be said with equal positivity about those touted as the media’s octogenarians-of-the-week who are doing a bucket-list activity like skydiving.

But then there are the others, like my 99-year-old mom, Angelina, for whom the struggle of simply being alive is real. Seeing this onetime force of nature become so frail and sometimes helpless is painful as well as infuriating.


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