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Employee Well-Being: Creating A Workforce With Vitality

0 2 years ago

During the last 24 months, many aspects of business have taken their turn in the spotlight, but one area that is a current headliner and most likely to be a permanent focus for business leaders is the health and well-being of employees. As employers take a more people-focused approach to managing their businesses and taking care of their staff, employee health and wellness is a natural fit and critical component of their strategy.

When more employers place an emphasis on employee health and wellness programs, greater strides can be made to combat employee absenteeism, which not only pertains to physical health but also has a significant financial impact. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that productivity losses related to employee absenteeism cost employers $225 billion annually. In addition, preventable chronic health conditions are not only a major contributor to the high costs of health insurance premiums and employee medical claims, but they also cost employers $36 billion a year in productivity losses.

Numerous studies cite the importance employees place on mental health support and initiatives. Based on LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Talent Trends report, 42% of respondents listed mental health and wellness as an area for companies to invest in to improve company culture. According to a Headspace survey (registration required), 89% of workers think their company should offer mental health benefits to employees and dependents, while 53% of workers feel mental health benefits are essential.

As both employers and employees are eager to elevate the conversation and take action, this is an ideal opportunity for business leaders to create workforces that have vitality—healthy, energized workers who can handle daily responsibilities, as well as stressful times, leading to increased performance.


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