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Milken to organize initiative combatting pandemic burnout in health care field

0 2 years ago

A research institute in the Milken Institute School of Public Health received $6 million earlier this month to organize a federal initiative addressing burnout and stress among health care professionals during the pandemic.

The Health Resources and Service Administration awarded the grant to the Fitzhugh Mullan Institute of Health Workforce Equity to develop an organizational center where 44 higher educational institutions and health systems will exchange potential support services for the next three years. The HRSA will fund grants for the institutions to create a training program and a system to promote mental health for health care professionals alongside the center.

Candice Chen, the project lead and an associate professor of health policy and management, said the Health and Public Safety Workforce Resiliency Technical Assistance Center will provide the grantees with webinars and trainings to combat burnout in the professional health care field.

“We want to make sure that we really maximize their work, their learnings, and make sure it’s available to others who need it,” she said.

Chen said the center will oversee how the grant recipients advance their work with potential changes like new childcare delivery methods and observe each organization’s health care environment to learn about the current challenges that need to become nationwide priorities.

She said the center will provide the grantees with technical assistance to professionals like emergency medical technicians who may be under pressure to obtain medical certifications. She said the pandemic’s impact on the health workforce increased both burnout and suicide rates among doctors and nurses.

“COVID is just exponentially increasing the pressure on our healthcare workers, so it’s really important to bring attention to this issue so that we can start to address some of the underlying issues,” Chen said.


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