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NOON HOUR ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ – EP35 – BURNOUT with Special Guest DUNCAN SO from The Burnout Clinic

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DUNCAN SO from joins the ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ Topics Co-Hosts (Esther B and Robert D’Alessio) to talk about BURNOUT.



Burnout has become one of the leading mental conditions that results in a person’s total shutdown. It is common in the workplace where employees are forced to meet unrealistic deadlines or to perform tasks they are not qualified for, in love relationships when a couple is not communicating properly, in separation or divorce, in financial situations where a person is heavily in debt and can’t meet payment requirements, etc…

Unfortunately, in the case where an employee can no longer perform at work and is on sick leave, some employers argue that their hired hand is apt to carry out their duties. This results in the refusal to pay compensation while the worker is on sick leave.

Our guest is Duncan So who is an expert in workplace wellbeing and burnout recovery, delivering clinical burnout retreat experiences to help workplace leaders quickly recover from burnout and empower their careers. Having been a child of corporate burnout, it has led him professionally into the field of human flourishing for over a decade working on systemic social change projects. He’s a social entrepreneur and change agent, on a mission to empower the we work with companies and communities on the path of business and social good. He is also a Channel Champion on Duncan is a graduate from the University of Toronto in Engineering. In private practice, he is a Board Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, MER and Clinical Hypnotherapy with the Association of Integrative Psychology. Stay tuned for another great show!

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