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PODCAST When Burnout Hits

0 2 years ago


In this episode, I’m chatting with Skye Barbour, a business coach and international best-selling author in the UK, about her experience with burnout and how to recognize the symptoms before they overtake your life. We also discuss our philosophies of leadership.

Skye Barbour uses her experience with leadership and burnout to help other entrepreneurs. She coaches her clients on letting go of control so they can get the flexibility and freedom they want out of running their own business. She talks about how she built her business around teaching others how to create a system where their time is valuable in their business and life so they can have the freedom to have more time and create more opportunities for themselves. Skye also goes on to discuss her 4 key attributes to being a good leader and why leadership is so important.

In this episode we cover:

– Our individual experiences with burnout and the symptoms we experienced

– How to recognize you are reaching the burnout stage

– Ways to prevent burnout as an entrepreneur

– The importance of saying goodbye to grind culture

– How to create a happy balance between work and home life

– Skye’s 4 freedom blocks and how to identify which block you encompass under stress

– Philosophies of leadership and how your leadership skills are transferrable in different aspects of your life

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