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The Best Burnout Advice People Learned In Therapy In 2021

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Therapy is traditionally thought of as a place to process mental health issues or trauma, but it can also be a space to work through, well, work. Career- and job-related stress is a pervasive problem, affecting many people in the U.S. workforce.

In a 2019 Everyday Health survey, about a third of American adults reported that their work or career was a significant, chronic source of stress. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has only perpetuated the burnout. A recent report suggested that upward of 85% of people who experience mental health issues at work feel it is negatively affecting their life outside the office, as well as their relationships and their sleep patterns.

Burnout can progress to clinical anxiety or other mental health issues. Therapists say this is a sign to seek out a mental health professional.

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“Anxiety in general can always be improved when you have an outlet for your fears and your worries,” Jen Kelman, a therapist and mental health expert on JustAnswer, a digital platform that connects people to experts, told HuffPost. “Having a therapist as a safe space to talk through [work issues] without fear of judgment is wildly helpful, even if you’re not removing the work-related people or projects that are causing severe stress.”

What’s more, seeking out a mental health professional can help you learn coping techniques and skills to make the workplace feel more manageable. As Kelman notes, “a therapist can help you develop strategies to improve your work habits, communicate more effectively, and advocate for yourself more clearly.”

HuffPost spoke with eight people about the best work burnout advice they learned in therapy, and what effect this advice has had on their overall health.


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