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The Hidden ‘R’ That Helps Us Do.

0 2 years ago

Being reliable involves discipline and commitment, showing up and doing.

Reliability is commonly defined as…

  • Trustworthiness (i.e dependability), and
  • Consistent Performance (i.e. professionalism).

Sounds pretty grown up, but being reliable doesn’t mean being boring. And being responsible, disciplined and committed, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it!

In fact, the sooner you incorporate the value of reliability into your life, the sooner you get to do what you imagine in your most amazing dreams.

Before we dive in, a heads up: there are lots of selfs and selves being bandied about here, so try not to lose yourself, ok?

You as ruler of self.

We start by showing up reliably for ourselves. When we know and trust who we are, we have better control of our actions. Which gives us the confidence and courage to show up for others with compassion and integrity.

Self-sovereignty incorporates three domains — self-knowledge, self-care and self-discipline. If managed well, each helps us to function as reliable, well-adjusted humans (most of the time).


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