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The New Science on How to End Burnout and Ignite Your Energy!

0 2 years ago

In the Video you will find:

  • Robin’s transition to being a mom of 3 kids
  • Writing State Change during the pandemic
  • The need for telehealth
  • Setting limits with your technology
  • Are hyperstimulation and cortisol spikes affecting your REM sleep?
  • Using exercise as a healing mental health practice
  • Moving your body helps release stuck emotions
  • Making time to exercise
  • Why most doctors aren’t prescribing nutrition & exercise
  • The top two foods to cut out from your diet + what you should eat
  • 4 game changing supplements
  • Supplement quality matters & what to look for
  • Why you should be taking methylated B vitamins
  • Robin’s perspective on intermittent fasting
  • What is a keto sprint?
  • Psychedelic medicine for mental health
  • Robin compares her psilocybin experience to her 10-day Vipassana experience
  • Meditate right now!

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