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Why college students get burnt out and why it should be prevented

0 2 years ago

College is overwhelming when you don’t have balance. You can only go so fast for so long. ACU and every university needs to become more aware of the pandemic of burnout amongst their students, faculty, and staff. Today’s world is very fast paced and it’s up to us as college students to be the change and show our peers how to slow down.

In an article published by they defined college burnout as, “an extended period of extreme fatigue and apathy that often results in a decline in academic performance. In college, burnout can be triggered by a variety of factors, but it’s most often caused by overwhelming work demands and prolonged levels of intense stress.” I can personally relate to this definition as myself and several of my friends have experienced an immense amount of stress since coming to college.

Change is very difficult and a lot of change happens in college which can lead to anxiety and unhealthy living. It’s taken me personally almost two years of college to learn how to slow down and deal with my stress. I’m still learning how to live a balanced life. recently published an article titled, ‘College Students Increasingly Report High Levels of Anxiety and Burnout During the Pandemic,’ they talked to the chief and wellness officer of Ohio State University, Bernadette Melnyk. She stated that in August 2020 about 40 percent of students were facing burnout while 71 percent were facing burnout in April 2021.

If universities like Ohio State with a student population of nearly 47 thousand students discover that 71 percent of their students are facing burnout then it’s likely that ACU students are struggling with the same things.


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