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Workers are feeling burnt out. Experts say employers need to listen — and act

0 2 years ago

For grocery store clerk Cameron, burnout felt like he was losing track of his days and the customers he’s spoken to.

“It’s when you put in one hour of work, but it feels like it’s been five. It’s when you deal with the third customer of the day, but it feels like a 30th,” he told Cross Country Checkup.

“Everything just feels more intense. Everything feels longer, feels harder.”

In addition to his regular duties in the store, the clerk has taken on responsibilities, such policing customers’ mask compliance, that he never expected to. CBC News is using Cameron’s first name only over fears of repercussions by his employer.

He says worries about bringing home the coronavirus and infecting vulnerable family members led to heightened anxiety.

While he sees his colleagues as essential workers during a pandemic, he says too often grocery workers are forgotten.

“It’s not a glamorous job. We don’t solve COVID. We don’t help cure COVID. We’re not testing for COVID,” Cameron said.

“But without us in COVID, what would happen to everybody who needs to eat?”


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