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Diabetes drugs combining two major ingredients herald new competition

0 2 years ago

AstraZeneca’s SGLT-2 inhibitor, Forxiga, and MSD’s DPP-4 inhibitor, Januvia, were the two products representing each ingredient. Hospitals also use both products to lower blood sugar in diabetic patients, but local pharmaceutical companies have begun to enter the market by combining the two ingredients.

Daewon Pharmaceutical was the first to receive approval for a combination treatment of the two substances from the regulator. Daewon received approval for Dapacombi Tab. 10/100mg from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on Dec. 21.

The ingredients of the treatment are dapagliflozin citric acid (micronized) and sitagliptin hydrochloride hydrate with modified salts and solvates.

Two days later, Dongkoo Biopharma received approval for Sitaflozin Tab. 10/100mg, its combination treatment. Like Daewon, Dongkoo’s treatment consists of dapagliflozin propanediol hydrate and sitagliptin phosphate hydrate.

On Tuesday, a bunch of permits poured out, as 21 companies that had signed a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) contract with Dongkoo Biopharma won the regulatory nod.


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