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Diabetes: How to control blood sugar levels when you have cancer

0 2 years ago

Managing diabetes and avoiding its various complications in itself is an arduous job. Getting diagnosed with cancer can multiply these complications and pose a greater mortality risk in diabetes patients.

Chemotherapy and other treatment therapies can cause uncontrolled blood sugar levels in diabetes patients which could make things difficult for them.

It is important to manage diabetes during and after cancer treatment.

“One may be more focused on managing a cancer diagnosis, but diabetes care is very critical to health and can affect the success of a treatment plan. During treatment, the focus should be on cancer treatment while keeping the blood sugar levels in check. Thus, it is important to manage diabetes as well to ensure your body can tolerate and benefit from chemotherapy, radiation, or other modalities,” says Dr Jitendra Pahlajani, Medical Oncology, HCG Cancer Centre Jaipur.

How cancer treatment can raise your blood glucose levels and complicate things

Chemotherapy therapy is known to cause hyperglycemia, an increase in blood sugar levels which may lead to dehydration and strain organs and immune system.

“Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can have a negative impact on other organs. Monitoring blood sugar levels can help keep them healthy during cancer treatment. The euglycemia or normal concentration of glucose in the blood is achieved by diet and anti-diabetic drugs is associated with better outcomes,” adds Dr Pahlajani.


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