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Diabetes: The drink that ‘significantly’ lowers blood sugar and staves off the condition

0 2 years ago

Diabetes occurs when there’s not enough insulin in the body to absorb blood sugar, leaving levels to run rampant. Fortunately, certain foods have anti-diabetic effects that can send high blood sugar levels into remission. Strawberries, in particular, contain a group of complex antioxidants touted for their lowering effects on blood glucose. A number of studies have proven that fruit can also significantly lower the risk of diabetes.

The carbohydrate in strawberries is sometimes associated with subtle elevations in blood sugar levels, but other nutrients in the fruit help minimise these increases.

The fruit is rich in anthocyanin, a subset of the group of chemicals called flavonoids which are particularly healthy for the brain and heart.

The molecules, which give the fruit its red colour, may be responsible for a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Alongside anthocyanin, however, other plant chemicals such as ellagic acid and ellagitannins also have lowering effects on blood glucose, according to research published in the “Journal of Medicine Food”.


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