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Diabetes visuals highlight potential effect on vision

0 2 years ago

A UK company has highlighted the effect of diabetes on eye health with an analysis of rates across that country and the creation of visuals to showcase its impact.

The company noted that over 4.9 million people in the UK lived with diabetes and by 2030 the number could reach 5.5 million if improvements weren’t made.

In London, 7% of its population (559,517 people) were diagnosed with diabetes, with prevalence highest in Harrow and Enfield, while Bradford had the highest prevalence in England.

An optometrist specializing in the field said: ‘If you ever face a vision change, whether it’s blurring, distortions, or the ability to perceive things at different distances, it’s always important to speak to your optometrist as soon as possible. Blurring and distortions can be a sign of something serious, and the sooner you catch any risk the better the chances are that it’ll be possible to treat it.’

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