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Tissue Engineering Could Provide Diabetes Cure

0 3 years ago

Diabetic mice treated in this manner displayed normal blood sugar levels for months after a single autograft procedure using their own enhanced muscle cells.

The tissue-engineering treatment is part of a research study led by professor Shulamit Levenberg and PhD Student Rita Beckerman from the Technion’s Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory.

“By taking cells from the patient and treating them, we eliminate the risk of rejection,” Levenberg said.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance and cells’ reduced inability to absorb sugar, leading to increased blood sugar levels. Its long-term complications include heart disease, strokes, retina damage, kidney failure and poor blood flow in the limbs.

Although this chronic and common disease can be treated by a combination of lifestyle changes, medication and insulin injections, ultimately it is associated with a 10-year reduction in life expectancy.


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