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Yale scientists developed a new pill that could prevent type 1 diabetes

0 2 years ago

Yale researchers have developed an oral medication to treat diabetes that controls insulin levels while simultaneously reversing the inflammatory effects of the disease.

The results were recently published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

Developed by Tarek Fahmy, associate professor of biomedical engineering and of immunobiology, the drug has two critical advantages over the standard treatment for diabetes. Because it can be taken orally, it’s much simpler for the patient to stay compliant with his or her treatment. It also addresses three major issues with diabetes at the same time: it helps control immediate blood glucose levels, restores pancreatic function, and re-establishes normal immunity in the pancreatic environment.

“What excites me about this is that it’s a two-pronged approach,” Fahmy said. “It’s facilitating normal metabolism as well as correcting immune defects in the long term.”

He notes that it’s all done within a nanocarrier composed of materials that our our own bodies make – bile acids – which means that the carrier itself has therapeutic effects that works with the loaded agent to reinstate normal metabolism in the short-term and restore immune competence in the longer term.

“This combined approach is what makes this system a promising new therapy for autoimmune disease in general,” he said.


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