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20 Doctors Later, the Answer to Jenna’s Mold Illness was DNRS!

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“I know you’re finally in the right place… because so many of us out there are professional researchers. We’ve been looking at so many things and tried so many doctors and so many treatments. But there was a reason, for me, why it never stuck.” – Jenna, after recovering with DNRS

Jenna realized that the reason why prior medical treatment attempts were futile is because her brain and body were stuck in a fight, flight or freeze response. When she addressed rewiring brain function with DNRS, her health finally started to improve.

Before DNRS: Many Symptoms, More Doctors, No Answers

Jenna’s symptoms started gradually over a period of several years. In 2007, she reached her tipping point after burning out with work and an adrenaline-based lifestyle.

She started feeling fatigue all the time, when prior to this she had always been very active and fit. Jenna also started getting sick a lot. Being an overachiever, she pushed herself even harder through it all, with a ‘suck it up’ attitude.

Jenna explains how her symptoms continued to worsen:

“In 2013 it all hit the fan, with overwhelming mysterious symptoms cascading one after another and leading me to an endless series of doctors and diagnoses. Those diagnoses included chronic pain, food sensitivities, multiple chemical sensitivity, breast implant illness, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, vertigo, chronic fatigue syndrome, and anxiety.”

Jenna saw multiple doctors and specialists, including a cardiologist, rheumatologist, and a neurologist. They tested her for everything from Multiple Sclerosis, to brain tumors, to various auto-immune disorders. Her doctors had no real answers or solutions for her.

She then turned her sights to natural medicine and holistic doctors. After months of detoxes, alternative treatments, and various elimination diet protocols, she found herself struggling with the same chronic symptoms and weighing 25 pounds lighter.

Jenna’s environmental medicine doctor recommended checking her house for mold. She and her husband spent upwards of $100,000 completely remediating their home. However, despite detoxing her home and body, these measures did not improve Jenna’s condition.

How Seeking Answers Finally Leads to DNRS

At this point, Jenna says she was unsure how she would go on. However, her environmental medicine doctor shared that she had another patient who had found DNRS and was making remarkable strides in recovery. She recommended Jenna look into the program.

“I remember watching the DNRS testimonial videos online and just crying my eyes out. There were other people out there like me?! There were people who had survived all these insane symptoms and had fully recovered? I could have hope again.

Initially, my goal was just to walk my dog around the block again. I never dreamed that I would be able to run – and now I run with my dog as long and far as I want!”

Watch the video below to hear Jenna’s journey to recovery in her own words:

Why DNRS Worked for Jenna

After taking the DNRS program, it all made sense to Jenna why she suffered for years with a “snowballing” cascade of chronic illness symptoms. It was because her brain’s limbic system was stuck in a maladapted fight, flight, freeze response and her body was following the brain’s signals: that she was constantly under attack, even when the initial threat was no longer present. Under stress or during a trauma (viral, toxic exposure, emotional, physical) your brain can get stuck in this chronic illness cycle like a broken record.

This limbic system impairment is commonly found in people who have long battled with a chronic illness that has not been responsive to the myriad of treatments they have tried.

The DNRS program helps you understand how brain function is involved in your illness, how to rewire your brain and move into a rest and digest state – creating the right environment for your body to heal. This self-directed, online program that you can do from home has helped thousands of people like Jenna regain their health and reclaim their lives.


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