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Cleaning expert’s simple solution to mould goes viral on TikTok

0 2 years ago

Anita Birges, who was Big Brother’s first ever “intruder” on the reality show back in 2001, is now known as the “Queen of Decluttering” and runs her own business, Mise en Place.

On Sunday, Ms Birges blew the minds of thousands of Aussies when she revealed her secret recipe for a natural solution to help clean and prevent mould.

“We’ve just returned home from our weekend away and I knew that having the house closed up […] was going to be the perfect breeding ground for mould,” explained Ms Birges in a video posted on TikTok.

After checking the “usual suspects” – including the front door and window sills – the decluttering queen noticed mould growing on the underside of her window rollerblind.

“I walked in and I could see it from the reflection. I could see the damp sitting at the bottom of the windowsill and rose up the blinds,” she said in the video.

Homemade mould cleaning solution revealed

Ms Birges understands the mould had to be “cleaned right away” to prevent it from spreading further up the blind, which is why she created her own homemade mould cleaning solution.

“I made up a solution of half isopropyl, half to half water,” she explained, while holding the solution.

Isopropyl alcohol, known as isopropanol, is the most common and widely used disinfectant within pharmaceutics, hospitals, and medical device manufacturing.


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