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How Long Does It Take for Mold to Affect Your Health?

0 2 years ago

Molds spread by releasing spores. We’re exposed to mold when we inhale these spores. Typically, this is not harmful, but high levels can cause symptoms that mimic a common cold. Mold can also trigger allergic or asthma symptoms in some people.

If you’re concerned about the health effects of mold, you might wonder how long it takes to get sick from mold exposure.

There isn’t a one-size-fits all answer, however. The time it takes for symptoms to start depends on many factors, including your environment and overall health.

Let’s discuss these factors, as well as the health effects related to mold.

How quickly can mold make you sick?

The short answer: It depends. A reaction to one-time mold exposure can be immediate or delayed. Some people develop no symptoms at all.

Many factors determine the time it takes for mold to affect your health. To get a better idea of timing, consider the following factors:

Allergies and sensitivities

Everyone reacts to mold differently. Your personal sensitivity to mold will influence how quickly you develop symptoms.

If you have a mold allergy, your immune system thinks certain mold spores are invaders, or allergens. So, when you inhale spores, your body reacts by triggering sneezing or nasal congestion. This can happen immediately or after exposure, depending on your body.

If you don’t have a mold allergy, a one-time exposure may cause no symptoms. But sometimes, it can cause symptoms even if you’re not allergic. Again, it’s different for each person.


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