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How Often Should I Retest

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Test Periodically for Peace of Mind

If you are concerned that mold spores are continuing to contaminate the air quality in your environment, retesting on a regular basis can give you peace of mind, and is a quick and inexpensive way to assure that your maintenance strategy is working. When retesting your environments, it’s important that all potential sources be evaluated. If you have pets, they should be tap tested as pet fur can be a reservoir for mold spores. Old or used rugs, furniture, and draperies can also be a source of unknown contaminants.

Moisture Sources That Contribute to Contamination

When a new and uncontrolled moisture source is discovered and even more importantly, one that has been present for more than 48 hours, retesting your environment for the presence of mold is critical. Small leaks from roofs, plumbing, or appliances can accumulate moisture in significant amounts over time. Building materials, especially drywall, carpets, and padding can absorb and retain water indefinitely if not dried or replaced. In these situations, mold growth is fueled with significant nutrients (organic matter) and moisture and is able to reproduce rapidly. Once colonies are formed, the release of mold spores into the air is inevitable and can become problematic to your health.

Roof leak Leaking icemaker
Pipe leak Overflowing toilets
Flooding Failed window seals
Leaking dishwasher Standing water in a
crawlspace or basement

Mold Lives Where you Spend Most of Your Time

Air and environmental quality are of special concern in offices and schools, due to the large volume of people co-existing in the buildings on a day to day basis. While mold in the home is of the utmost concern, the potential for mold exposure in a commercial space or public building should also be considered and examined. Test any area in which you spend a significant amount of time including:

Work office, break room, and bathroom Travel trailer
Church Family member’s home
Gym Friend’s home

Consider the Symptoms. Believe the Plates.

Mold in your environment can pose a significant health risk. When mold-related symptoms seem to return, it’s time to retest for mold. Mold will often emit a ‘musty’ odor as it grows – if areas in your home that are well-traveled smell like they’ve been sitting empty for a long time (musty or malodorous), this may be a hint that a mold problem has returned.


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