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11 Isometric Exercises For More Core Strength And Full-Body Stability

0 3 years ago

Anytime you hit a lift, you’re thinking about lifting it and then lowering it. Those up and down movements are known as concentric (up) and eccentric (down) phases. But there’s a third phase that doesn’t get much attention from the general lifting population — isometrics. Isometrics is a fancy way of saying “pause.” It refers to a static hold, and though they’re anything but dynamic, isometric exercises can yield significant results.

By performing exercises with pauses or doing movements that have you hold tight in one spot, you’re teaching your body control. You’re also strengthening supporting and stabilizing muscles, which will help your standard lifts when appropriately trained. Not sure where to start, or convinced that you even should? No worries. Keep reading for a more comprehensive description of isometrics and 11 exercises to try.

The Best Isometric Exercises


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