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15 Isometric Exercises for a Strong Six Pack

0 2 years ago

Coach Brian Klepacki, certified Strength and Conditioning specialist, goes over the best isometric exercises for a strong six pack.

Isometric exercises are exercises that have no movement whatsoever.

These exercises will help you build your abs muscles but know that your six pack won’t be revealed unless you have a very low body fat percentage. This can be achieved through a smart nutrition plan.

15 isometric exercises for a strong six pack

Hold these excellent isometric exercises – also known as isometric holds – for anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds when you perform them.

You can also incorporate a little resistance if you find an exercise too easy and can master it with proper form.

  1. Hollow hold
  2. V-sit
  3. Unilateral loaded v-sit
  4. Dead bug
  5. Leg lift hold
  6. Elbow plank
  7. Bulldog
  8. Superman
  9. Hand plank
  10. Bird dog
  11. Glute bridge
  12. Side elbow plank
  13. Side hand plank
  14. Cross knee mountain climber
  15. V-sit reach through


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