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Could Increased Isometric Muscle Strength of the Cervical Spine Reduce Headache Risk?

0 2 years ago

Suffering from chronic tension-tension type headaches. Recent evidence suggests that improving poor isometric strength could reduce various types of headaches.

Here are the conclusions from two recent studies.

1) Decrease in Pain Pressure Scores correlates with increases in isometric strength of neck flexors in patients with Chronic Tension Type Headache in short- and long-term.

2) Patients with Tension Type Headache exhibited decreased isometric muscle strength in the neck extensor muscles, inducing a reduced cervical extension/flexion ratio compared to healthy people.

If you’d like a couple ideas on how to increase your cervical spine isometric strength indicate that below and I will post some exercises.


1)Castien, Rene, Annette Blankenstein, and Willem De Hertogh. “Pressure pain and isometric strength of neck flexors are related in chronic tension-type headache.” Pain physician 18 (2015): E201-E205.

2)Madsen, Bjarne K., et al. “Neck and shoulder muscle strength in patients with tension-type headache: A case-control study.” Cephalalgia 36.1 (2016): 29-36.

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