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Forget crunches – this is my favourite ab exercise for a stronger core

0 2 years ago

Finding the right exercise to train your core can be challenging. With so many different core workouts out there, just making a decision about which one to include in your home workouts can be exhausting, let alone doing the workout. My choice of core exercise is a move that not only trains the abs but also gives my whole upper body a run for its money.

The exercise is called the L-sit and in my opinion, it’s one of the best core exercises. This bodyweight workout is up there with planks and hanging leg raises when it comes to training your whole core (and whole body) effectively with simple movements. And just like planks, you can do L-sits without using any equipment, on the floor, balancing on your hands.


You might have heard of compound and isolation exercises before; these are staples in any self-respecting bodybuilders workout routine. Especially compound movements can help pack on mass quickly without overusing your joints by having to repeat the same movement over and over again a million times. Heavy deadlifts can build muscle with just a few reps per set.

Isometric exercises are a whole different ball game. Like many other callisthenics moves – these use bodyweight as resistance – it was borrowed from gymnastics, where they use loads of isometrics exercises for training and competition. You must have seen gymnasts up on the rings with their feet pointed forward in a sitting position; that’s essentially a ring L-sit, a variation of the exercise we’re talking about today.


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