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I did Pilates daily for 30 days, here are 9 things I learned

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I did a Bryony Deery Pilates workout daily for 30 days, here’s my honest review’

Proof 10-30 minutes is enough.

2020 brought about a seismic shift in the way I exercise. I used the hours I’d spent commuting and socialising pre-pandemic to try new forms of training and, once restrictions eased, I spent the money I’d saved on travel/going out/generally having a life on new classes. Mat Pilates became a favourite, and I invested in a package of reformer Pilates classes, which I’ve attended religiously every week since.

I could wax lyrical about the benefits I’ve since felt from Pilates, but with research lending credence to a blended approach of the two, I’ve always done it alongside weight training. Several studies, for example, say weight training is ideal for hypertrophy, while others say Pilates is fundamental for core strength and good posture, with both contributing to strength.

pilates bryony deery

Then, earlier this year, I noticed what seemed like the whole of Instagram crediting Pilates by Bryony for overhauling their fitness, after years of failed attempts with other forms of exercise. Founded by Bryony Deery, 31, the eponymous app was born out of ten years of self-practice which left Bryony free from arthritis pain she’d battled following a serious road accident at 17.

Bryony Deery founded Pilates by Bryony after a road accident
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On the app, she hosts 400+ 5-45-minute Pilates sessions, all of which bear the typical hallmarks of Pilates: precise, slow movement, with a focus on form and core strength- arguably very similar to the other Pilates apps I’ve been invited to review.

It was Bryony’s unwaveringly engaged following that intrigued me; a founder can rave about their own platform all they want, but hundreds of Bryony’s 125k followers showcase their results for her to repost daily. Some claim it’s the first time they’ve stayed consistent with exercise, while others say it’s helped improve their body composition and/or mental health. With so many people publicly preaching the benefits, I felt inclined to try it.

So, I committed to doing a Pilates by Bryony workout every day for 30 days. My goal was to determine whether doing purely Pilates and walking (I cut out all weightlifting but continued with my weekly reformer Pilates class) could help me feel fitter, healthier and stronger.


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