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Quick Workouts for Busy People!

0 6 months ago

The Best Workouts for Extremely Busy People

If you were to take a look at the list of reasons why people don’t work out, “I don’t have time” would rank right up near the top, next to “I just don’t want to” and “Everything hurts.”

We get it: Time is as precious as the latest Jordan brand retro release, but even small amounts of it can be enough to get in a sweat for the day—provided you know how to use it. To that end, we asked a few experts for the lowdown on the best workouts for your busy schedule, whether you have a full, glorious hour at your disposal or just ten measly minutes.

10 Minutes

The workout: High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

The expert: Sarah Gawron, coach at Solace New York and strength coach for Phase Six

Like the name suggests, HIIT training involves intense, max-effort movements followed by short rest periods. Those quick bursts turn your body into a furnace that burns calories at a rapid rate long after the actual workout is over, making it ideal for days when you’re especially low on time.

In practice: Try a tabata workout—20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for eight rounds of movement—of push-ups and air squats, alternating between the two exercises.

Need to know: With so little time, there is zero time for loafing. “You’re really supposed to be giving it all you’ve got during the work periods,” says Gawron. “During the rest periods, focus on breathing and lowering your heart rate in order to perform at a high level during the work period.”

20 Minutes

The workout: Yoga

Your expert: Alex Silver-Fagan, Nike master trainer and MIRROR founding trainer

We’ve all heard the benefits of yoga about a bazillion times: It gets rid of stress, reduces anxiety, and helps stretch tired, sore muscles. But research also shows that including some flow in your regular routine can lead to major strength gains, including a significant increase in one-rep max performance in the weight room.

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