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The simple hand exercise that can lower blood pressure and reduce risk of heart attack in just two months

0 2 years ago

High blood pressure can be extremely dangerous and accounts for 20 per cent of all death throughout the world, according to the Lancet’s Global Burden of Disease report.

However, scientists have said people can lower their blood pressure by completing a straightforward exercise.

Handgrip strength can be improved from the comfort of your own home and can help both women and men reduce the dangers associated with high blood pressure.

Studies have found that after two months of the isometric exercises, three times a week, reductions of 12.5 in subjects’ systolic blood pressure (the top number given in your blood pressure) and 14.9 in their diastolic blood pressure was recorded.

Researchers were left confused as to why the handgrip exercise works so well.

The study, which explains the evidence for an effective physical method for treating hypertension by brief, maximal, extensive isometric exercise, has been published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

It demonstrated that blood pressure was reduced in four to eight weeks after subjects took up the isometric exercises.

The research has substantiated claims that grip training is potentially one of the best exercises for lowering blood pressure.


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