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Why You Should Add a Barbell to Your Workout Routine ASAP, According to This Certified Personal Trainer

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This article will cover all the amazing benefits of heavy lifting, the different types you can try, and how to get started.

Resistance training popularity is on the rise, and fitness professionals everywhere could not be happier. Cardio exercise has had a grip on the fitness industry for the last several decades, and not without good reason. Cardiovascular training is vastly important for overall health and wellness. However, cardio hype frequently comes at the expense of strength training, with common misconceptions such as “getting too bulky” or “not burning enough calories” often cited as the main drivers of this inverse relationship.

But strength training is finally having its moment. With a robust database of research backing all the amazing benefits that weightlifting offers – like fighting chronic diseases, increasing health span, and improving body composition – the strength training craze has finally caught on.(1)

While any type of resistance training delivers big on the aforementioned health benefits, heavy strength training can be a particularly effective way to reap these rewards. “Heavy lifting can enhance your overall coordination, balance, and stability,” explains ACSM certified personal trainer, Dee Cervantes, who has been training and competing in Olympic weightlifting for 7 years. “It’s also a great way to increase bone density, improve joint health, boost metabolism, and enhance overall physical and mental well-being.”

With all those added benefits, how can you resist? If that’s not enough motivation to get you started, this article will cover all the amazing benefits of heavy lifting, the different types you can try, and how to get started. Let’s go!

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Will Heavy Lifting Make Me “Bulky”?

Let’s all take a deep breath and put this common misconception to rest once and for all. Many people, typically women, tend to avoid strength training for fear of gaining too much muscle. “This fear is unfounded and simply not true,” states Cervantes. “Even guys who aim to bulk up often struggle to achieve their desired results. It takes many years of heavy lifting to gain significant bulk.”

Research confirms this to be true. A 2017 scientific study found that, when comparing high-load to low-load resistance training, subjects in both groups had similar levels of muscle hypertrophy (increased muscle mass).(2) In fact, when done consistently, it aids in building muscle and reducing body fat percentage to create that “toned” look that women often seek.

Strength training doesn’t have to be scary. You might even find this method of training gives you better results than other programs you’ve tried! So, don’t let fear keep you from missing out on the health and fitness benefits of heavy lifting.


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