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5 signs your body is complaining about your poor gut health

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In Ayurveda, the term ‘Agni’ in Ayurveda refers to metabolic fire – the process of digesting food and producing metabolic byproducts. Agni transforms food into energy, which is in charge of all the essential body processes. An imbalanced agni typically means poor gut health where you can face innumerable problems. Low agni results in reduced appetite, fatigue, heaviness and lethargy. And there are other ways too in which your body can give you signs of poor gut health.

Here’s what can happen with imbalanced ‘agni’ or poor gut health

* Gas

* Constipation

* Dry skin

* Sciatica

* Insomnia

* Receding gums

* Muscle spasms

* Cramps

Watch these signs of poor gut health

Ayurveda expert Dr Rekha Radhamony recently shared some important ways for us to know the status of our gut health, via Instagram. Here’s what she suggests to look out for!

1. White coating on your tongue

According to Ayurveda, white tongue is a warning indication that your digestive system is overworked. When your tongue is heavily coated, it gives the impression of being white. Your digestive system cannot perform correctly if it is overworked. As a result, candida, yeast or bacteria, begins to accumulate.

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