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How To Improve Your Gut Health With An Elimination Diet

0 2 years ago

10 Benefits of Adopting An Elimination Meal Diet

  • 1. The quelling and reduction of inflammation
  • 2. Surge of energy which keep you joyful and productive for longer periods
  • 3. The detection of food intolerances
  • 4. Identifying your body’s favored foods
  • 5. Practicing diligence and discipline modifying meal plan that works best for you
  • 6. Gradual improvement of your gut health (You will notice!)
  • 7. Boosting your immune system (70% of which is operated in your digestive tract)
  • 8. A lower intake of processed foods (Particular chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors & sweeteners can be harmful to your gut and overall health.)
  • 9. In addition to sleep, you will allow your body another natural method of recharging
  • 10. You will be conscious of the foods you choose to eat. All the research and discipline you’ve been practicing reward your mind and body with optimal health.

For a much more expansive list and thorough breakdown for each benefit, check out the article that inspired this post here: Dr. Will Cole

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