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How To Stay Positive On The Low FODMAP Diet

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Last updated on Sep 10th, 2021

Authored by Alana Scott Reviewed by Geraldine Van Oord (APD)

It’s okay if somedays you just feel over it. Over managing your gut symptoms. Overthinking about food. Over trying to navigate the low FODMAP diet. Life is complicated and managing gut issues on top of everything else can be draining. In this article, we’re going to look at practical tips to help you stay positive on the low FODMAP diet.

Focus on all the things you CAN eat

It’s so easy to get trapped into thinking that there’s nothing you can eat. The good thing about the low FODMAP diet is that it doesn’t cut out any of the food groups. That means there are low FODMAP fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, carbs, condiments, treats and more that you can enjoy.

You just need to spend a few minutes figuring out what those foods are. The Monash University FODMAP Diet App is a great resource for this or you can get some super handy FODMAP downloads in our FODMAP Wellness Club.

Don’t go hungry

Hungry is not our friend. Going hungry can encourage you to make choices that your happy belly brain wouldn’t make – like ordering a pizza or eating an entire bag of sour cream and chive crisps, which can lead to more gut symptoms. Feeling hungry can also make you feel more stressed.

Help yourself feel in control by planning regular low FODMAP meals and snacks – including a couple of snacks you can carry with you. This doesn’t need to take hours – instead you just need to make a quick list:

  • 2 breakfast options
  • 3 snack options – these could be as simple as cheese and rice crackers, a piece of low FODMAP fruit and lactose-free/coconut yoghurt, popcorn, corn chips and homemade low FODMAP salsa – there are so many choices.
  • 2 lunch options
  • 4 – 5 low FODMAP dinner options (30-minute meals or meals you can cook in bulk like soups/stews/casseroles are great if you are time poor)
  • 2 low FODMAP treats

Create a quick list of your choices and pop them on the fridge so you can find them when you need them. We can also help you with low FODMAP meal plans in our FODMAP Wellness Club.


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