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Improve Your Gut Health With These 4 Tips

0 2 years ago

Consistent Workout Routine

  • According to a study from the University of Illinois, 6 weeks of consistent exercise can change the composition of your gut microbiome. What is a microbiome? They are microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses) in a particular environment. Consistent exercise can increase gut microbes (good bacteria) that help produce acids which reduce the risk inflammatory diseases, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • In the same study, a second trial included 6 additional weeks where participants returned to their normal day to day routines. Researchers say the microbiomes of these participants reverted back to their original states before exercise routines were implemented. Consistency is key!

Maintain A Healthy Diet

  • Avoid excessive consumption of sugar, artificial flavors and foods with artificial colors.

Consume Smaller But Frequent

  • This adjustment can lead to a more efficient metabolism – in contrast to a slower metabolism when meals are skipped. An efficient metabolism permits your body to use protein, carbohydrates and fat as power sources.

Chew Your Meal Until It’s Soft

  • Assists with smooth digestion and absorption of nutrients

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