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Medical Students Have Higher Rates of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

0 3 years ago

Medical students are more susceptible to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the depression and anxiety symptoms that may be associated with the disease.

A team, led by Sehrish Shafique, Bahria University Medical Dental College (BUMDC), identified the frequency of IBS among medical students and the frequency of common subtypes of IBS among IBS positive medical students.

The investigators also identified the association between psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression and irritable bowel syndrome.

In the cross-sectional study, the investigators examined 370 medical students at BUMDC between September and November 2020. Of the 370 participants, 41% (n = 152) students were diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in accordance with the ROME 111 criteria.

Each participant answered questionnaires and the total students with IBD were presented by frequencies, with findings analyzed using ROME 111 and the HAD scale.

IBS Subtypes and Psychiatric Symptoms

The investigators identified common IBS subtypes and identified IBS-D (diarrhea) 80 as the most common subtype.

This was also directly related to the mental health symptoms, as anxiety was positive in 100 students and depression was seen in 5 students in accordance with the HAD scale.

“This study concludes that medical students are more prone to develop IBS which is aggravated by stress related anxiety for having extensive curriculum and pressure from the peers of having good score in exam among intellectual section of the society which is not an easy task to cope up,” the authors wrote.


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