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What to know about irritable bowel syndrome and weight gain and loss

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However, weight loss or weight gain is rarely a symptom of IBS. Rather, it occurs in response to certain dietary or lifestyle changes that a person employs to manage their IBS symptoms.

There are subtypes of IBS, and the symptoms of the condition can vary among individuals. Due to this, strategies that help some people manage their symptoms and weight may not work for others.

In this article, we investigate whether IBS can cause weight gain or weight loss. We also provide tips for those seeking to lose or gain weight while also managing their IBS symptoms.

Can IBS cause weight gain?

In some cases, doctors may associate weight gain with IBS.

Losing weight or maintaining a moderate weight can also be more difficult for some people with the condition. This may be due to the challenges of exercising frequently and adhering to a restricted diet while avoiding symptoms.

Below, we look at some of the factors that can trigger weight gain for people with IBS.


Evidence suggests that about two-thirds.

of people with IBS relate their symptoms to certain foods. In many cases, symptom management involves making dietary changes to avoid these foods.

Although IBS trigger foods can vary from person to person, certain fruits, vegetables, and whole grains commonly provoke symptoms. Some people avoid these foods in an effort to prevent uncomfortable IBS symptoms. In doing so, they may opt for foods that are easier to digest and do not create as much waste. These foods may be more calorific, so eating lots of them could lead to weight gain.


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