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A Guide To The Internet’s Best KN95 Masks

0 2 years ago

As we swiftly approach two years of pandemic life, it’s easy to feel bummed that things we safely rediscovered in 2021 — indoor dining! real vacations! a fleeting sense of normalcy!— have been thwarted by the Omicron variant. One more thing that has been added back into the fold: Plenty of talk about face masks, mostly to do with why they’re more important than ever nowadays.

You already know that Omicron is 100% That B*tch when it comes to being highly transmissible, so allow us to briefly school you on the CDC’s mask guidelines: A minimum of two layers, construction that snugly covers the nose and mouth, and a nose wire to ensure a proper fit and that air doesn’t get in. You also have likely seen health experts recommending ditching cloth masks for ones that offer a higher level of filtration, such as disposable N95 or KN95s. Luckily, KN95s are largely available (and not as meh as you may think), and are an excellent, relatively affordable way to ensure that the only thing positive in your life is your outlook on the future of the pandemic. Ahead, a comprehensive look at why the KN95 is so great, where to buy them, and how to make sure the one’s you are buying are the real deal.

Why are KN95 masks more effective against the Omicron variant?

As we hinted at before, the KN95 is among the best masks out there to keep you protected from COVID-19. (The 95 is for 95% of particles that these masks can filter.) This is largely to do with the multi-layer construction; N95s and KN95s have five layers between you and the outside world. In comparison, a standard surgical mask has three. Another reason is the style of the mask itself; turns out, the duck bill-shape isn’t just a funky style statement — the conical design tends to create a better seal around the nose and mouth when compared to a basic cloth or surgical mask, which tend to be flat, rectangular shapes that bend laterally across the face. (I personally find KN95 quite comfortable for this reason, since pointed tip also feels more breathable than other masks.)


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