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COVID-19 battle put working Ontario dad in wheelchair; province’s ‘long-haulers’ need more support

0 2 years ago

In early April 2021, Filip Zahradka did all the right things. He stayed home, worked from home, only venturing out to buy groceries or run errands for his two children.

But amid a troubling wave of infection seen that month, and with the vaccine rollout still in first gear, he got sick.

On April 6, he tested positive for COVID-19. His kids did too. His breathing became laboured and difficult.

“They all got COVID and I think that they missed that he was getting worse,” his mother, Anna says.

On April 15, he went to Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga and was admitted immediately.

More than 7,800 people have required ICU admission due to COVID-19 in Ontario since March 2020, according to federal statistics.

At least 1,992 of them died in hospital.

Filip was almost one of them.

“He went into a coma, they had to paralyze him because he got sepsis in his blood,” Anna said.

Two months after he was first admitted to Credit Valley with bilateral pneumonia due to COVID-19, his situation became dire.

He was at another hospital – Joseph Brant in Burlington – when Anna got a solemn call.


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