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‘Heartbreaking’: How long COVID is impacting children

0 2 years ago

The Edmonton fifth grader tested positive for COVID-19 in September last year. Initially he was mildly ill, but weeks after, his family was shaken and struggling for answers.

“We went for a family bike ride and that’s when we knew something was terribly wrong,” said Nancy Kirkpatrick, Matthew’s mother.

“He stopped midway through. He couldn’t catch his breath, and he complained of this horrible chest pain.”

They booked an appointment with a family physician, but before they could get in, Matthew collapsed in an alleyway while walking home from school one day and broke his front tooth.

“There was blood everywhere, and I was bleeding all the way home. It was just dripping down my face. It was horrifying,” the 10-year-old told Global News.

Since then, Matthew has had two more severe blackouts at school.

On one occasion, he fell out of his desk and dropped to the floor. And the second time in November, his teacher had to yell and physically rouse him after he passed out in class in a “very awkward position”, his mother said.

Matthew’s COVID-19 infection caused tachycardia, the cardiologist who diagnosed the problem told the family. It’s a condition where the heart rate races to more than 100 beats per minute.


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