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Long COVID becomes growing concern

0 2 years ago

According to Huntsville Hospital infectious disease doctor, Dr. Ali Hassoun, there are a variety of symptoms that can stick with you long after you’re supposed to be done with the coronavirus.

Doctors still aren’t even sure how many people have this. Dr. Hassoun says 15% to 50% of people get long COVID depending on how it’s defined.

Symptoms can range from respiratory disease to even heart failure and neurological impacts. This isn’t unheard of or something that only happens with COVID. Other bacterial and viral diseases are known to cause symptoms long after victims have supposedly recovered.

Dr. Hassoun says this will have an impact on some of those people for the rest of their lives. “Some people retiring early due to covid or the aftereffect but also you’re gonna see the effect in families additionally because parents or children who usually support their families can definitely have a devastating effect.”

Back in July, President Joe Biden said he may allow COVID long haulers to qualify for disability benefits.

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