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What is long covid and what are the 27 symptoms you should keep an eye on?

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Covid has been around for a while now and we all know the typical symptoms to look out for whether it’s a new and continuous cough, a fever or a loss/change to your smell or taste.

However when it comes to long covid, not many people are aware of the symptoms and simply put it down to something else – especially if their symptoms are mild.

Recently in an update to their website, NHS Inform have said things are changing for people living in Scotland meaning that individuals mid-way through an isolation period should now follow the revised guidance from May 1.

They explain: “If you’ve tested positive you should follow the revised guidance to stay at home for three days if you’re 18 years and under, or for five days if you’re over 18 years.

“The way that we count these days has changed. Day one is the day after you took your test.

“If you were identified as a close contact, you should end daily LFD testing on May 1. You may leave self-isolation if you feel well. If you later develop a temperature or feel unwell with respiratory symptoms, you should follow the revised guidance to stay at home.”

So if you’re isolating and are worried about long covid – or you think you could have it – here’s what you need to know…

What is long covid and who can get it?

Long covid simply means that a person is suffering with symptoms over a longer period of time such as a few weeks or more.

NHS Inform have stated that “symptoms are not limited to people who were seriously unwell or hospitalized with coronavirus.”


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