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A woman who waited 20 years for diagnosis urges more awareness of Lyme disease

0 2 years ago

A woman from Bracknell who was bitten by a tick as a toddler is calling for greater awareness of the devastating impact of Lyme disease.

Briony Hunt says there needs to be a greater understanding of the conditions so people can identify the early warning signs and get treated quickly.

At two years old, Briony became unwell after she was bitten by a tick and was taken to hospital, but the doctors could not find out what was wrong with her

For twenty years Briony lived with a host of crippling symptoms before she was finally diagnosed. She says she suffers from pain all over her body, neurological difficulties and fatigue, along with poor mental health as a result of the disease.

She said: “I kept pushing to get answers and I was told that maybe I wouldn’t get answers, but I knew something was wrong with me.”

Speaking about her diagnosis, she said: “I felt frightened. But then I felt a great sense of relief because finally, I knew what had been eating away at me for so long. I felt like I knew I could tackle this now.”

Briony’s great passion is horse riding and she is determined to get better so she can once again ride. She is raising funds to go to Poland for treatment for her Lyme disease.


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