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Bachelor Nation’s Kelley Flanagan on Her Lyme Disease Diagnosis: ‘It’s a Blessing and a Curse’

0 3 years ago

The 29-year-old lawyer explained how the illness is affecting her overall health. Saying the diagnosis is “a blessing and a curse,” Flanagan discussed significant lifestyle changes she plans to utilize to combat the debilitating disease.

In 2020, Flanagan competed on Season 24 of ABC’s reality TV series The Bachelor. Although she was sent home in week seven, the Chicago native rekindled a relationship with bachelor Peter Weber. They dated on and off again for about 10 months after the show wrapped.

According to E! Online, the tax attorney shared details about her messy breakup with Weber. Flanagan told him to “get the hell out of my life” after several attempts to salvage their broken relationship.

Weber responded, saying that despite it being “the best relationship that I have ever had in my life,” he has “more than 100% moved on.” The airline pilot revealed that his former girlfriend was “wanting to ride it as long as she possibly can and make headlines and get people talking.”


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