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Community bands behind Grunthal woman fighting Lyme Disease

0 3 years ago

A woman from the Grunthal area who has been battling Lyme Disease recently made the trek down to the Mayo Clinic to get help.

Bailey Plett says she first started noticing symptoms back in October of 2019 but was only officially diagnosed with Lyme Disease in June of 2020. She notes after all attempts to treat her illness were unsuccessful, she and her family decided to give the Mayo clinic a shot as they had heard a number of impressive success stories.

“My parents, who are very generous people just decided that they were going to pay for it and I thought, ‘well, we are going to fundraise and see what we can get from our friends and family,” Plett says. “We set a goal of $20,000 and we managed to get $17,000 in a matter of three weeks which is just amazing. We couldn’t be more thankful for all of the people in our life that gave and supported us. It was awesome.”

The Mayo Clinic describes itself as a nonprofit American academic medical center focused on integrated health care, education, and research. Their Headquarters and largest centre is in Rochester, Minnesota.


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