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Delayed diagnosis of Lyme disease is a huge problem. How can we fix it?

0 3 years ago

She spoke at the recent Tick-borne Disease Diagnostics online event sponsored by Invisible International. Melissa used information from MyLymeData to illustrate the impact of diagnostic delays in the Lyme community.

She pointed to three top reasons why Lyme patients may get misdiagnosed: 1. Lyme is not recognized as a possibility in their area, 2. Many patients do not present with a classic erythema migrans rash, and 3. the diagnostic testing for Lyme is flawed.

Here’s the text of her remarks:

Hello everyone, my name is Melissa Wright and I am the Director of Patient Engagement & Outreach for and Project Manager of MyLymeData. I am happy to be with you today for the Tick-borne Disease Diagnostics Innovation Incubator and have the opportunity to talk with you about the impact of diagnostic delays in the Lyme community.

Founded over 30 years ago, is one of the oldest Lyme disease organizations in the nation. It is the largest and most trusted communications network for Lyme patients. Our mission is to harness the power of tens of thousands of patients to improve patient care and accelerate the pace of Lyme disease research. We do this by providing tools like our symptom checker, physician directory, and the MyLymeData patient registry and research platform with over 15,000 patients enrolled.


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