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Don’t confuse Alternative Treatment with RIDICULOUS TREATMENT.

0 2 years ago

Let’s get one thing straight, yes I am angry, no, I correct myself, I am FURIOUS.

I spend a lot of time around FB groups, dedicated Insta Groups and obviously, and whenever I see a post that is interesting enough to stop scrolling down I find in the comments things like:

`Thank you, Dr XYZ, your miracle herb treatment has completely cured me and by the grace of God I feel so much better (or something looking alike)

And, of course, this type of comment comes with a link attached to Dr XYZ infamous web page. Now, I know it is a scam, I know, that is just a phishing technique to pray on the desperate, but I am hurt, and I want it to stop so… I click and a few weeks later and a few hundreds of dollars down when the flares come I just feel so dumb, disappointed and so so angry with myself.

When I found I felt safe, this community is clean, transparent and they sure know the difference between alternative health treatments and ridiculous treatments. To be honest, I can not wait for their marketplace to lunch, so I can have a place where to look at options without the fear of being scammed. I have not found a place like this one, no gatekeeping, respecting the freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

I just hope it will keep like that when they grow.

I am so tired of being disappointed.

Keep strong, keep safe

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