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Family of Woman with Debilitating Illness Raising Awareness of Lyme Disease in NL

0 2 years ago

A Newfoundland family is raising awareness about a debilitating disease as they prepare to head out of the country for possible treatment.

Jackie Rideout first began feeling ill about two years ago and her symptoms, which include chronic pain, have been progressing ever since.

After countless doctors appointments, Rideout was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which is a tick-borne illness.

Rideout describes the progression of her symptoms as very frustrating, noting that in addition to the pain she also suffers from things like memory loss, comprehension issues, and issues with her speech.

She says at times it’s near impossible for her to get out of bed. According to Rideout, she gets bruises on her feet from standing on them and the joint pain feels like her ankles are being crushed. She says her condition has been deteriorating.

Rideout’s common-law husband, Andrew Wicks, says some people think that Lyme disease can only be contracted elsewhere, but that’s not true and it is in Newfoundland.

In Fact, Wicks says this province is the worst in Canada for tick-related testing, noting that labs in Ontario are very interested in their case because they receive very few submissions from here.

There is some hope for Rideout’s condition, however, as the family will soon be headed to Mexico for possible treatment. The cost, however, is significant at over $56,000. The family has set up a Go Fund Me to help with the costs.

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