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Greenville actor, stuntwoman finalizing Netflix documentary on Lyme disease.

0 2 years ago

Stacy Johnson has been an actor, singer, director, producer and stuntwoman, appearing in high-profile projects like “Ozark,” “Heroes” and “The Greatest Showman,” in which she breathed fire. But one of her toughest roles is battling Lyme disease, which brought her to Greenville to work with Dr. Jeffrey Lawson at Piedmont Arthritis Clinic.

“I couldn’t find people in L.A.,” she says, or in other places where she searched for answers, including Atlanta and North Carolina. But when she eventually connected with Lawson, he and his team “came up with concoctions that help.”

And after spending more time here, Johnson decided to open an acting studio in Greenville “for students who are serious, and it’s their dream and they are willing to put forth the effort.”

She is also finalizing a documentary about Lyme disease, currently slated to run on Netflix later this year, called “Lyme Disease: Beating Back Death.”

Johnson contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite, likely in 2005, and had the disease for more than a decade before being diagnosed.


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